PLL Therapy Sessions

PLL Therapy Sessions

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Anonymous asked: So who was the beach hottie? This is something we never found out! After 5x10 I'm pretty sure it was Cyrus though.

No, we haven’t learned who it is yet. I’m so curious how it’s going to tie into the Ali story. There’s several possibilities being Wilden and company were all at the beach that summer. I never thought of Cyrus. I wonder if she knew Cyrus back then, before the kidnapping? 

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kokovato asked: For the anon that asked about Hanna's bruise. Apparently Ashley Benson burned her hand in the same spot before the episode was filmed. I think there was a picture on her twitter or Instagram.

Hi love,

Thanks for sharing that. I’ve seen theories running rampant about her killing Mona and her injury as a result of it.  It’s so funny how we notice every single detail and how we can all write a big ass theory out of someone’s shoe lace having dirt on it lol! xxx

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Anonymous asked: Did you noticed, that the girls in Alis new "fangroup"( i wouldn't call it her new clique) look like a "look-a-like" of spencer, aria, hanna and emily... same haircolours, same clothing style before Ali disappeard?

Omg, yes! I noticed the same thing! Creepy. 

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Anonymous asked: I have a theory, but it's a little bit "strange": I think Ali and Mona were both A, but then Mona became to powerful for Ali and Ali "left". Maybe Maybe Ali wanted to find out how loyal Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily are. And Mona wanted to became the queen-bee. When Ali came back, Mona was scared of Ali because Mona wasn't queen-bee anymore and Ali was an a good way to became again the queen-bee (i love that word :D)... Not really sure but thats my theory... Sry for bad english I'm from austria

You’re too cute…queen bee :) And your English is perfect! This theory isn’t strange at all- I love it! I like the idea of them both being A. It was interesting how Mona had Ali pinned with the reasons she picked each girl and how it was a game for her,etc… Ali’s gone “full on Socio.” Lol. I love that line! 

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Anonymous asked: What if Mike was the one who broke into Mona's house? Because in the previous episodes he did get arrested for breaking into houses and he could have had those pick lock things! And also when Byron and Ella were going to divorce and all that Byron was scared that Mike might have got some illness or something from his brother

Yes, I remember all those things Mike did and what he went through. I would say maybe he was the one who broke in but as soon as the lock was picked, they showed us a blonde walking into the front door. 

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Anonymous asked: Maybe Ian wanted to film Ali so he got something against her and could blackmail her

Yesssss!! I bet you’re right. Not necc them having sex but her trying to seduce him (like the Toby/Jenna tape) or maybe saying something that could get her in trouble. Good thinking :)

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Anonymous asked: I love how Sasha plays Ali... Sasha is such a good actor... She plays Ali so real and with so much enthusiasm... LOVE HER :D

She is definitely AMAZING!!! I love her sad, puppy dog Fake Ali then there’s the crazy socio Ali! Her acting is flawless.. 

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    So first of all, hi!

    I’ve had a tumblr for a few years, but I stopped using it. I stumbled across this blog a couple of weeks ago when I started re-watching pretty little liars(which btw, was a big mistake, b/c omg the timeline pisses me off but I’ll get to that on another day) and I just HAD to know what other people thought. I found out that other people had the same questions as me and I enjoyed reading theories and other stuff. So I really wanted to become apart of this, officially. Instead of reading other people’s thoughts, but not being able to share mine. So here I am, still not tumblr savvy, but whatever. Okay, first question. Why do people think Ali killed Mona? It’s obvious that there was a struggle, and it showed Alison at the end and from what we could tell, nothing was wrong with her. I feel like whoever killed her might be injured too? And I kind of have a suspicion that Meredith has some part in this, and other people do too(I googled it, I know I couldn’t be the only one who thinks this). She’s definitely coo coo bananas, and didn’t she get sent off somewhere(possibly to Radley) after she drugged Aria and locked the girls in the basement?

    Again, really excited to be on here! 

    Answer: First off, yay for watching PLL again! And for coming back to tumblr! :) The more PLL fans, the better! I believe people think Ali killed Mona since the whole Mona had evidence of Ali being A and killing Bethany. At the end of the episode, she also had that smirk on her face. I’m torn bc of so many Things! I LOVE your Meredith theory. She bruptly left the show yet not only was she crazy but comments she made were left open for more of a story from her. That would be a different angle…xxx

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    Anonymous asked: Has anyone noticed Hanna's hand at the end of 5x12? When they get told about monas murder, it looks like redness / bruise on her knuckles and her fingers. Almost like she's punched something or someone, I'm not saying she killed mona and ashley might have hurt herself in real life but I just found it a little odd!

    YES!! So true! That would be such an awesome plot twist!!! I wonder though if it meant something or like you said, maybe Ashley hurt it in real life…hmmm.

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    cookiesandvelvet asked: (ugh no one will respond to this!) bethanys body was found on the dilaurentis property, but ali claimed that she was burried on the hastings property. so if ali really was burried, than she couldve been burried the same time as bethany. which means ali doesnt necessarily have to be bethanys killer. infact ali couldve set up everything to kill her but someone got in the way!

    Hi love,

    That whole scene makes no sense actually. Both girls were buried in the Dilaurentis yard where the gazebo was being built. (Mrs.D was buried in the Hastings yard I believe, not Ali or Bethany). Now, first of all, who the hell dug that deep ass hole Ali was thrown In? Ali was buried in it. Ali got out but when Melissa went to bury Bethany the hole was dug back up. So, does this mean Mrs. D dug the first grave, Ali escapes and Melissa comes along to re-dig the hole? When Ali was pulled out it didn’t leave a big dug out hole so someone would have had to ‘re-dig it. Crazy! I read some theories that said Ali was buried on top of Bethany already being buried. It actually made sense!’I don’t recall where I read it but Google Ali and Bethany’s graves PLL and the theories should pop up. Sorry for the ramble. I totally understand where you’re coming from though! xxx

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    Anonymous asked: Do you know when PLL is starting again ?

    I know there is a Christmas episode to be aired in December. After that the Season picks back up in January. From what I read people are saying the Christmas episode is going to be more of them celebrating the holiday and not any exciting A scenes. Does anyone know if there will be some? I need more A! Lol.

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    Anonymous asked: Do you think Alison had sexual relationships with Ian and Ezra? I don't think her and Ezra were that serious, but I think she did with Ian.

    She and Ezra didn’t and I believe Ian or Melissa said she didn’t with Ian. What I find awfully weird though, is that there was a camera set up in the bedroom (pointing at the bed) in Hilton Head when the 2 of them were at the hotel? Was there plans to do something or maybe Ian was going to privately tape Ali dressing…?

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    princemarcoee asked: About ravenswood I'm kinda scared that they might implement the ghost supernatural side for mona :| hopefully not I know she's dead and will see her in flashbacks but I hope that's all flashbacks not as a ghost but they said she's "haunting" rosewood which using that phrase scares me to think it's raveneswood related :|

    Hi! Omg, I would be SO mad if they did that!! I think most fans would be flipping out too. Let’s hope not. xxx

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    Anonymous asked: Do you think Marlene King herself knows who A is?

    She “claims” she does and has also said that once we find out A’s backstory and reasons for all this, we will sympathize with A. If Ali is A…I have NO sympathy for her one bit!

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    princemarcoee asked: You theory about spencer killing Bethany that night was perfect 👌 I feel like you just solved the mystery of that night. Wow dammm :D I've read other ppl's end game theorises and to me it wasn't WOW it felt random yours was DAMMMM it made sense , evidence was used it was simple and tied in a perfect bow.

    Hi sweetie!

    That is the nicest thing anyone ever said to me! Thank you Sooo much!! I truly appreciate that….I wanna cry. You made my whole year!!! 

    Extra, extra kisses for you….XXXXXXXXXX. :)