PLL Therapy Sessions

PLL Therapy Sessions

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janaseverydaydiary submitted

Maybe Aria lives the closest to Mona? I don’t know maybe she wanted someone to be as soon as possible because she knew she might be in danger

A; Yes, you are probably right about that! Also, Ezra was with her too!

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Anonymous asked: [2/2]Also, I am very upset that Mona is dead because she [Spencer is my second favourite] was my favourite character and she was just about to figure out things with Bethany.

I am DEVASTATED about Mona!! Why couldn’t it have been Lucas or someone less important. Lucas being slaughtered would have been surprising too. Mona’s death was plain cruel to us :( Now alll the evidence is gone for good. Hopefully whoever took it hides it and the girls can find it…asap! :(

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Anonymous asked: I wouldn't be surprised if Ali was A because she was in the book and Mona was the first A in the book and they have gone with that, they probably didn't want to make it so obvious because then viewers would have read the book would know but I am trying to think about other blondes I know in the show, some could have been wearing a wig for all we know and we never saw the person's face [1/2]

Very true. As for the blondes…Cece, Ali and Hanna or someone wearing a wig. I doubt Hanna-her hair doesn’t match as far as length goes..

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Anonymous asked: I wish that the Pretty Little Liars page on facebook woud wait until the next day to post spoilers and tag them with spoilers because I went onto Facebook to check if there was anything interesting and bam, there was a picture of Mona dead and it say something like 'rip mona' i can't remember and it's like what's the point of watching the episode now ? do you get where i am coming from ?

I totally do!! They know fans from all over the world have to view it a different times so they should wait until the next day. I’m very surprised they don’t. I know some people will say just don’t go on Facebook but like you said, we all check it out to see new interviews and such…at the least tag them with spoilers! ESPECIALLY last night’s episode. :(

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cierralalalala asked: Hey! I just thought about something. Noel dated Aria, Jenna, and Mona. Do you think that's coincidental? Do you think he's always known that Alison was alive ? Also, heartbreaking episode last night. RIP Mona. I'm also upset that bad things keep happening to Toby. His house blew up, the car accident, Spencer being arrested, it's just too much.

Hi sweetie,

Oh…too much isn’t the word for it..What a whirlwind that poor guy is going thru! I died when he didn’t make it to graduation  :(  It meant so much to him. That sucked. As for Noel, after knowing Ali pushed Ian off the bell tower in Season 1 and we saw Noel right outside I now think he did know. He and Ali loved pranks and had a weird relationship so I def wouldn’t doubt it. What’s weird is that Mona knew and if Noel knew, I wonder if they ever discussed it. xxx

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Anonymous asked: Just a thought since Hanna and Mona are best friends why didn't Mona call Hanna about Alison being A? Why did she call Aria?

Omg, I wondered that too! Maybe we missed something…anyone else have any guess on this?? 

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Detective “Shady” Hollbrook:

When Ali answered the phone at the theater Hollbrook and Ali seemed like they knew each other. 

When Ali was taking her lie detector teat, Ali had a smirk as she looked at the mirror as if she knew he was staring right at her.

Then,he shows up at Ali’s house without a parent present to talk to her. Did he tell her Aria was snooping in Radley? Did he know Bethany? Did he pick up something on the lie detector and went to tell Ali they were going to arrest Spencer? If so, why couldn’t they show that??. Why didn’t they show us any of that conversation…It looked awfully friendly and comfortable.

 Now, maybe Ali had something on him as she does everyone else in Rosewood, and blackmailed him with something to help her with a cover up for Mona’s murder? We all agree there’s something shady with him right? What could it be? What’s with everyone? Wilden? Tanner? Now Hollbrook? xxx

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adiver8 asked: This episode oh my gosh.... Do you think that Marlene is just making us believe it's Ali when it could be someone in a wig? I mean I totally believe it's Ali but lol I know how this show works.... Once u think you know something they do a total 360.... Literally in tears

Hey lovey,

Wow. I’m in tears with you. That was by far the most emotional episode ever! Mona made the show. :(

As for Miss Marlene…She tricks us all the time so it’s hard to tell! I feel like Ali is SO A but who knows! Marlene said we are going to sympathize with A when we find out who it is and why but how the hell can we sympathize with bitch Ali??! I think one of them was def a wig and probably Cece. My question is this though; they have shown Ali with the smirks and comments about being A and if Ali was really A, why wouldn’t they have just shown her face? What would have been the big deal? Show us Ali’s face and leave the other hidden as the mystery…xxx

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prettylittletheorys asked: Hi I have a pll blog which is really new and I was wondering if you could take a look at it and if you like it give me a shout out thanks :)

Hi sweets,

I sure will take a look when I get a moment. And for all you other PLL fans out there-here’s a new one for us :) xxx Welcome to PLL tumblr world!

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icynderellax3 asked: I hope you're okay, get better soon.❤️

Hi doll,

Thank you so much for caring! I appreciate that.Things are getting better.Day at a time. xxx 

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dancerballerinakatie asked: Fave PLL episodes? Or do you have one? 😏

Hi sugar!

Hmmm, this is a tough one…I loved unmasked, the lady killer, (I don’t remember # or names) but the one with the lodge fire and the one that Spencer found out Toby was A. Oh, and 3x1! That’s off the top of my head…how bout u??


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aliarstheorypll asked: Omg please don't leave for almost 4 months again lol. Good luck with your issue I hope everything's ok xo

Hey NY doll :)

I’m back…I’m.still in complete shock from last night!!! I had trouble sleeping…I was just released from Radley after needing to be restrained, had CPR 3 times, a tranquilizer gun twice, 10 xanax, oxygen mask and therapy! Wow. What a night. In all seriousness, I’m very sad. Mona really made this whole thing fun and interesting. I can’t imagine it without her and I feel they could have avoided this and still kept it great :( I wonder who’s going to use all that high tech military equipment now?Lol. Well, back to my restraints. xxx

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kgmyersphoto asked: The scene where Melissa is burying Bethany Young isn't a flashback. It's actually a recreation of the event from Spencer's mind. Therefore the grave probably wasn't a perfectly dug grave just sitting there waiting for a body to be rolled into it. We don't know how the actual scene transpired.

Hi love,

Yes, very true. xxx