PLL Therapy Sessions

PLL Therapy Sessions

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On the night Ali disappeared, Jason tells us how he came outside very drunk and passed out on the back porch. When he came out he saw Cece and Melissa talking. Let’s first remember how Marlene said, some of the stories that we are told, are told by the perception of the person telling the story. With that being said, did Jason really see Melissa talking to Cece? Because he was so drunk and passing out, maybes that’s who he “thought” he saw but it was really Ali (esp being he saw a yellow shirt). They both ┬áhave blonde hair and look similar as you can see in the above picture. Cede may have never been around at that point. It could have been Ali and Melissa arguing about Ian. Maybe Melissa saw her and Ian at the kissing rock and confronted her about it. This ties in with my “Did Melissa kill Ali” theory I posted. Maybe the Hastings saw them arguing or even getting into a physical fight and that’s why they were suspicious of Melissa at that point. Did Spencer hear them fighting and went stop it but Melissa had already accidentally killed Ali (or thought she did). Spencer helps her with the cover up and tells Melissa her famous line, ” It NEVER happened.” She used that line in 3x1 when they hid at the lakehouse..She made Emily keep repeating it over and over. Then we hear her use it again, the night Jason was drunk and wrecked his car. We know she’s damn good at covering up.

So, what do you guys think?


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