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PLL Therapy Sessions

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Black Widow? Mrs. Fitzgerald?

(Taken from #1:

A while back, Marlene tweeted that the Woman in Black is endgame. She’s from Wilden’s funeral, correct?
Oliver Goldstick: Yes.

So is that a fair statement? Is that where this is all headed?
Oliver Goldstick: It is indeed. that is a very fair statement. That phantom guest at that funeral.

Will she start popping up other places?
Oliver Goldstick: Yes.


(Taken from a Marlene King Interview) #2.

Uber “A” paying people added a new layer to this in terms of an incentive for people to join or help the “A” team.

We know he’s a Fitzgerald; his family has a lot of dough. People always say ,”How can ‘A’ be everywhere?” and we certainly showed how last night.

Are we going to see some more Mama Fitzgerald then?
Oh! Well, we might!!


**** Me: We haven’t  heard much about Mr. Fitzgerald. Is he alive? Is Mrs. Fitzgerald a widow?  There was another interview where Mrs. F was being discussed..(I can’t find it) Do you think it’s possible she’s the black widow? See pics above…. She does have the body frame. I just don’t know what her motive could be? Any thoughts?


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  1. johannah-h said: In season one, Ezra was telling Aria about his parents cheating on each other. He then says it wasn’t the cheating that broke them up, meaning it was something else. Might Ali or her family be responsible for this split?
  2. mamazano said: I thought Ezra said at some point that in the divorce, his mother got the diamonds. But, I might have been mistaken.
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